José Manuel Reyes

Paris, France
E-mail: josereyesch [ at ] gmail


I’m a cross-functional Software Engineer with 10+ years' experience, passionate about cloud architectures and distributed systems.

Work Experience

Full Stack Developer Hilti, Paris, France (Jan 2020 - present)

  • Currently building tools and data pipelines to enhance strategic digital marketing campaigns decisions. Python BigQuery RedShift AWS

Research and Development Engineer Telecom SudParis, Evry, France (Apr 2018 - Nov 2019)

  • Implemented a framework to identify the operational data-paths in Software Defined Networking (SDN) driven data plane. Given framework is based on distributed test case generation and monitoring. Five different tools (or modules) were developed, those are: (i) the extraction tool - a network packet sniffer written in Go and based on GoPacket library, which is installed at all network interfaces of the data-plane forwarding devices, that forwards the traffic to the analyzer tool, (ii) the packet generation tool - a raw packet generator also written in Go, which is installed at all hosts in the data-plane, that generates packets with specific headers (in the widespread pcap-filter syntax), (iii) the analyzer tool - a tool installed at the processing server that receives the packets, filters the packets having the same UID and computes the flow trees from the set of observations, (iv) the orchestration tool - receives the traffic of interest to generate, requests the packet generation tool to send a network packet with the requested headers using a specific UID, and finally (v) the User Interface(UI) tool - a web interface for discovering the data-paths that receives the interesting traffic to discover from the user and reports the resulting data-paths. Go Python bash MongoDB Docker SDN Controller

Senior Software Engineer Smartmatic, Panama City, Panama (Nov 2016 - Mar 2018)

  • Designed and developed features for the US Election Management System which prepares the electoral data and configuration files for voting devices.

Software Engineer Smartmatic, Panama City, Panama, (Oct 2012 - Oct 2016)

  • Developed a canvassing system for the Philippines 2016 General Election that expected votes from 92K vote counting machines and 55 million voters, deployed in 1.7K canvassing centers. JavaEE Bash Jboss Oracle Docker AngularJS

  • Reworked application that posts election returns on the web in near real-time, by synchronizing the generated results with Amazon EC2, resulting in ~15x generation speed improvement. JavaEE Jboss Oracle AngularJS AWS

  • Conducted source code review with technical committees of political parties and election watchers.

  • Refactored Java Swing application that generates data files for voting machines used by 3 million voters in 2014 Belgian elections deployed in 3.3k polling places. JavaEE Jboss PostgreSQL Custom Debian

Web Developer FOX International Channels, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Sep 2009 - May 2012)

  • Implemented global publishing platform focused on creating and maintaining TV Channels Websites and TV Shows, helping to reduce custom setup and maintenance costs up to ~40%. C# .NET SQL Server Umbraco Windows Server Brightcove API

  • Improved existing websites performance by integrating content distribution networks and compression/caching mechanisms, resulting in ~20x (from 1min to 3s) speed improvement. C# SQL Server HTML/CSS

Web Developer Ebclosion, Guatemala City, Guatemala (Apr 2008 - Sept 2009)

  • Designed and developed an RESTful API which provided authorization services to clients that needed SMS and WAP Push notification requests, used by 1000+ mobile campaigns through North, Central and South America Telecoms. Linux Apache MySQL Symfony

Systems Analyst and Programmer LN Comunicaciones S.A, Guatemala City, Guatemala. (Jul 2007-Mar 2008)

  • Developed a billing system to manage and control customers balances, assigning direct inward dial (DID) numbers using SOAP Web Services to process payments, used by 300+ customer service representatives. Linux Apache MySQL PHP Java
  • M.Sc. Information Technologies with specialization in Computer Networks & Information Security Galileo University, Guatemala City, Guatemala (2010)

  • B.Sc. Systems, Informatics, and Computer Science Engineering Galileo University, Guatemala City, Guatemala (2007)

  • Programming: Java Go Python JavaScript(AngularJS, jQuery) C#(.NET),PHP, Bash
  • Databases: Oracle MySQL PostgreSQL SQL Server MongoDB BigQuery RedShift
  • Development: Agile(Scrum) Test driven development (acceptance/unit/integration) git SVN
  • Systems: Unix/Linux Windows OSX Docker
  • Java Technologies: Java EE JBoss WildFly Hibernate jOOQ JDBC JUnit Mockito Maven Spring ActiveMQ
  • Tools: IntelliJ VS Code JIRA Bitbucket Jenkins Airflow
  • Spanish: Native
  • English: Proficient User (C1)
  • French: Basic User (A2)

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