It’s very interesting (at least to me) that after being in this Digital World for more than 15 years, this is the first time I’m writing a “real post” well, actually here my first attempt more than 6 years ago!.

I still remember those old web days, as probably most of you. Now everything seems different, exciting and never-ending! Can’t believe one of my firsts web projects is still online 10 years ago, when php, XHTML, CSS 2.1 and “plain” JavaScript were probably the most preferred web stack.

Now those days are gone and we are constantly impressed with all the new technologies, frameworks and all those amazing things people and companies are working on, a good example for could be the guys from spaceX.

So in this site, I plan to share a bit of some of the things I enjoy most in this life cycle which are: technology, software development, music and random thoughts.

That being said, enjoy!